Occupational Therapy

Available in Central Australia only

Occupational Therapy uses a whole person perspective (physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual) when working with individuals, groups or communities. The purpose is to achieve optimal health and wellbeing using purposeful and meaningful daily occupations. By encompassing the ideology of doing, being, belonging and becoming, occupational therapists work with people and communities to increase their ability to engage in daily activities through therapy, or by modifying the environment or occupation itself.

We are motivated to provide independent, comprehensive and high quality assessment of your needs. We provide a range of therapeutic input, including functional/activity assessment and intervention, equipment review, home environment assessment/modifications, and carer training opportunities.


We specialise in rehabilitation and therapy services for people with the following conditions:

  • stroke
  • acquired brain injury
  • progressive neurological conditions
  • spinal cord injuries
  • amputees
  • burns/lymphoedema
  • developmental delay

Other Information

Our therapy/rehabilitation programs include:                                                        

  • activities of daily living assessments and training
  • cognitive assessments and rehabilitation
  • upper limb assessment and re-training
  • home modifications, with architectural consultation
  • equipment prescription including manual and powered mobility wheelchairs
  • lymphoedema assessment and management
  • scar management
  • compression garment prescriptions
  • remote community visits and Indigenous health
  • aged care
  • care needs assessment and carer training